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Low Air Loss Mattress


The Lumex Select Alternating Pressure / Low Air Loss Mattress

Systems are specialized mattress replacement units that utilize

low air loss technology with a specialized mattress design that

provides pressure management for the treatment of pressure

ulcers. The 2:1 alternating function provides active prevention

for pressure relief, especially for those in acute care and long

term care settings (the cells inflate and deflate in a 2:1 cycle,

meaning 1/2 of the body is always supported at any one time).

The Lumex Select Alternating Pressure / Low Air Loss Mattress

Systems offer "cell on cell therapy", whereby the air cell is split

in two where the bottom cells do not deflate if the upper cells

are completely deflated in order to provide extra protection and

low pressure comfort for the patient in the event of a power

failure and the mattress deflates.

• Alternation time can be adjusted from 10, 15 and

  20 minutes. In addition, the caregiver can select

  the "Static Function" stopping the alternating

  function and providing only low air loss therapy

• 5 Comfort Settings plus an Auto Firm feature

• Low Pressure failures will produce an audio alarm

for added safety. The alarm can be temporarily

muted by pushing the front panel ALARM RESET

Button, resetting the alarm for 20 min

• The foot board mounting hanger provides

convenient placement on the bed

• Quick Release CPR Valve

• Fully Zippered Quilted Cover

• Weight Capacity: 450 lb Evenly Distributed

• Size: 36" x 80" x 8"

Model: LS300

Warranty: 2 Years Pump, 1 Year Mattress

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